INTEGRATED DYNAMICS welcomes you to its new site. Please bear with us as we are constantly adding material, pictures and videos of our products. A major shift has been our emphasis on offering complete systems rather than individual subsystems. This has been a result of our experience that, with the mushrooming growth of 'cottage industry' UAV's around the world, most customers get sucked into buying airframes and components that are untested prototypes or vaporware. By offering complete, tested, systems we can assure our customers that they are buying the most competitive unmanned systems in their class.

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS provides design, consultancy and turn-key project commissioning for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) systems. We can assist you from the ground up in the rapid completion of your project from the conceptual stage to actual proto type flight tests in the shortest possible time.

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS is a full supply source for everything you need to get a UAV project in the air including Platforms, Flight control systems, C4I systems, Data links, Payloads, Ground Support Equipment, We also provide a full line of accessories such as Ground Support Equipment (GSE), APU's, Starters, Battery management systems, and Launch and Recovery systems. System and Pilot training packages are also offered and can be quoted seperately.

Our new Civilian UAV systems are designed for electronic news gathering, police surveillance, border and coastal patrol requiring no more than two crew members to operate. We are regularly adding to our line of Civilian unmanned systems and these include USV (Unmannned Surface Vehicles) and UGV's (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) to address global anti-terrorism and law-enforcement needs.

Export restrictions apply. The sale of certain products is subject to an end-user certification and approval by the Government of Pakistan.



G-ROVER and ROBOAT introduced!
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS introduces the Ground ROVER and ROBOAT - path-breaking unmanned systems for civilian applications that anyone can build or use!.
Date: 04-02-2013
ROVER MK II for the U.S.A. !!
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS ROVER MK II Civilian UAS have their first U.S. customer. A ROVER MK II system was exported to the U.S. for test and evaluation for law enforcement, security and police applications.
Date: 03-03-2010
More SHADOWS land in Australia!!

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS SHADOW-MK II UAV's have already been exported to Spain and Australia. We are now proud to add the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Autom...
Date: 01-02-2009
BORDER EAGLE chosen by Team COEE Rescue as their Outback Challenge-2009 competition entry.

Team COEE Rescue- based out of Adelaide, Australia - is comprised of individuals with expertise in the field...
Date: 01-08-2008
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS introduces the SKYCAM UAV system under the DRONES FOR PEACE initiative! Watch this space for more details. The SKYCAM UAV's are available in visual range, beyond visual range limit...
Date: 01-11-2012
VISION MK-2 bound for ITALY!
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS is proud to be exporting its VISION MK-2 airframes to an Italian Research Institute. The VISION 2 is an ideal platform for robust operations and can be configured for carrying a vari...
Date: 09-05-2007
PRIDE and SPIRIT Civilian UAV systems launched!
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS introduces the PRIDE and SPIRIT Civilian UAV systems. At under 3 kg AUW - these offer unmatched versatility and low-cost alternatives for short range 5-10 km applications.
Date: 05-09-2012
SHADOW Down Under!
INTEGRATED DYNAMICS is proud to have an Australian customer for its SHADOW UAV which will be used for maritime research and participation in the Australian Outback Challenge competition in September. T...
Date: 09-01-2007